Is colour-blind casting a good idea?

Convener(s): Daud Shah

Participants: Tamsin Shoale, Stella Duffy, Graham Moharen, Monique Sterling, Pui Fan Lee, Alex, Willie While

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

Opinions differed

  • Risk of tokenism therefore work on ability only
  • Have to fight for what you want
  • Writers should specify all race characteristics
  • Director to keep in mind, is there a possibility to cast this non-white
  • Many public funded bodies (RSC, NT) do successfully cross-cast and this is much more possible in theatre than in film and works!
  • There is lots of new talent rising in the black and asian community that is not being tapped eg in the east end – how can we do this?
  • There are some good ‘Ethnic’ productions being produced but since there are a smaller number , the bad ones stand out?
  • Time will change
  • The 2001 conference caused a big change in an institutionally racist organisation