International touring: looking for some good advice

Convener(s): Gemma Paintin 

Participants: Gemma, Matt, Tom and some others

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

  • The venue should pay for all costs
  • You could pay the costs then invoice them with receipts
  • Money to be found in coproductions with different venues
  • Go to the IETM incognito!
  • Use BC rates but break the costs down
  • Its not a problem to show the same show all over one country- premiere is not so important
  • Local BC offices can help with arranging a tour, as can the first venue, cuts their travel costs
  • In France: Office Nationale de Diffusion Artistique
  • Some keys festivals to visit, to see work and meet promoters: Dublin, Under the Radar, Kunsten, FTA in Montreal, Push in Vancouver, festivals in Graz, Bogota, Rio, Buenas Ares, Avignon, Barcelona, Salamanca, APAM in Australia
  • Propose a package of shows to a venue!
  • Don’t need to have your own technician if tech is simple
  • Its about a personal relationship with promoters, don’t cold call them.
  • Invite people to your shows
  • Have a nice, clear pitch ready and appropriate marketing materials that reflect your work
  • Could just be the manner in which you give the flyer that counts- charming
  • There’s eu funding available for tours to more than one country- hard to apply for?
  • Use e-marketing, facebook, twitter.