Ruby Glaskin, 15 January 2017

What do people want? Why do them?

- The ability to travel and work

- Working in a situation without the constraints of day to day life

- Immersing yourself in a new experience

- Opportunity to learn new skills

- Opportunity to learn in a different context

- Opportunity to meet other artists from different places and share ideas

- Seeing a different perspective

- No distraction

- Cross polination

Questions about what residencies are about/should include/how they can be run

- Should there be a connection to the local community? Should this be organised by

the residency programme? (thoughts on how this should be done - sharings, social,

visiting places, networking events). Suggestion that the answer to this might be

dependable on the length of residency

- What level of care should there be. Residencies where the artists are looked after

(food cooked etc) can provide a working holiday. This helps freelancers justify the

trip/time off. A kind of working holiday. Importance of pastoral care, there is a lack of

this with residencies in the UK

- Cost? Should they cost? If so how much? Can you dod a spectrum where you

charge people who have money and then subsidise those who don't. Important to

keep costs low in make sure there is a diversity of artists accessing it.

- Suggestion for keeping costs low: Artists do one of week of residency and then 1

week of work that supports the next residency (cooking etc)

- Slung low maybe offer this type of exchange with regard to rehearsal space

- Some people rehearse abroad because it is cheaper than the UK and London!

- It's important that the residency is reciprical - what can the artist give back?

- Do you have to present work at the end? Are there other ways of sharing your


- Can the residency start with a social with the local community - dinner/party

- Depending on how long the residency is it might have a different outcome

- Does there always have to be an emphasis on the environment? Agriculture - how

important is this?

Places that offer residencies:

- The HopBarn - Package holidays with In Good Company

- The Owl Barn

- Winston Churchill memorial fund - for international learning

- Derida - Bulgaria/Spain

- The Place - every other summer

People who came: Kelli Desjarias, Chantal Guevara, Sarah Hoppersburger, Hannah



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