Integrating music and theatre appropriately

Rosanna Croom, 1 July 2012

Present... Rosanna Croom & David Lockwood

More questions than answers...

How early in the process do we think of music & sound?
Intrinsic to the piece's meaning or a design element used for aesthetics?
Using an existing piece of music- difficult to control people's associations... orchestral arrangement & shifts in genre have been proven to work in enhancing meaning.

Does limited preparation/R&D time preclude original scoring and musical rehearsal? What musical skills do the performers have that we can encourage & utilise?

Acoustics vs recorded sound. We agreed that recorded sound stuck on to the piece was more often than not a mistake or lazy... the position of the speakers, the volume & quality of recorded sound extraneous to the actor/audience relationship.

We also thought that by adding musical skills to a performer's set we can enrich both the overall theatrical event & potentially a company's future output.


Sound is often a strong subliminal force behind our lives... How can we push up sound & music in practitioners priorities?


Theatre, sound, acoustics, subliminal, music, awareness, theatre