Shifts in hierarchies - do we have to stick to an old order?
Role status and funding - can that relationship shift?

When does the love stop?


What designers do all day?
What do producers do all day?
What can be do to make those processes more visible?
Film/documentary as 'What Do Artists Do All Day?'

STAMP - Supporting Theatre Artists and Makers of Performance - listing of London based venues who support new work.

PRODUCERS POOL - Chris Grady ( has called a session for the end of Sunday)
START EAST - one of 9 ACE and EU funded support hubs across England? set up to offer business support and grants to creative practitioners ( not age limited). GENINE based with START EAST at the New Wolsey

The need for funded programmes that enable growth/development of practice/business and sustainable futures.
Funding the middle age/middle stage between emerging and established
Lifelong/career long learning

How do we unclog the design eco system?
What does a building based associateship role look like? Different theatres offering different modular specialisms so that the model works with managing a freelance career.

Creative Wales model - Alison Neighbour will find out more and send through.

What kind of role/professional development programme would give designers the skills and confidence to become their own producers or apply for funding to bring team members on board to support the programming of the work.

Find out where the other 8 support hubs are (Fiona).
Agreed as a group that we would ensure a designer was present at the next meeting for each one.
Link this with Society of British Theatre Designers aspiration to create regional peer led support networks for designers.

The Guild model

Attending : Giuseppi Belli, Alison Neighbour, Sarah Booth, Kate Lane, ( Designers - PLEASE ADD YOURSELF )
Janine AMFP ( Actor/Producer) Genine (Start East)