I’m starting to direct stuff, would you like to work with me?

Convener(s): Stella Duffy

Participants: Martyn Duffy, Tom Brocklehurst, Kas Darley, Jeni Toksvig, Rupert Jones, Shakera Louise Ahad, Will Heather, Gail Sawyer, Gigi, Mark Price, Mary O’Connor, Jen Lunn, Sarah Ball

And others

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Stella : I’ve only just started calling myself a director and am issuing an invitation to make work with people who think they would LIKE to work with me. Probably sort of scripted/made/devised/improvised work. Probably.

The issue expanded to how it is for many directors, to make work, how we make work, how we share, support, how we need support and that it would be great to support each other.

Some questions :

  • what do we think about co-directing? (good, scary, works with some people!)
  • some are intimidated by ‘devising’
  • beautifully directed theatre is about knowing where to look
  • ideas are (unfortunately) often more lauded than heart
  • A conversation about Beckett – how the name becomes too hard to work with, everyone else’s expectations
  • How do you use the word? Is there a quota of plays you have to direct every year before you are a ‘director’? 

Lots of those present gave their names and email addresses to me, and maybe we’ll come together to do something, over a day/weekend in a little while. I’ll stay in touch with those who came and see if me (or any of them) want to suggest coming together to play/work on/work at/play/make … something.

If anyone else would like to be added to this list of people email me :

[email protected]