I’m a producer.  Do you have something you want me to produce?

Convener(s):  Paul Cabrelli


Paul Cabrelli

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Ed Jaspers


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Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

Also:   Connecting producers and projects generally

Useful resources: 


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Tango Web

Old Vic

SOLT – Society of London Theatres

BAC – young producers network

MA or MFA in Producing

Anthony Nielson “The Cencors”





High Tide

Arts Admin

“China Plate” in the Midlands


Problems with Producers:

  • You feel creatively threatened
  • Only interested in money-making (disputed by the producers present).
  • Should producers be in at the start of a project or in later (most producers want to be involved from the start).
  • Some producers want to do just the “nuts and bolts”; others wand creative involvement.

Producers can help you by:

  • Developing an “arts culture” and theatre on a wider scale.
  • Helping you to take a risk.
  • Being a strategist.
  • Being an administrator.
  • Being a project manager.
  • Facilitating artistic development.
  • Most producers do not want to simply find the money.
  • Being a mentor and partner
  • Being a spokesperson for the audience.
  • Providing networking opportunities.

Is being a producer creative?

  • Can help you to see the potential of the work.
  • Can help you stretch the work.
  • Can help by embracing the artistic vision.
  • Can help by creating the environment to make everyone look better.
  • Can help by responding and building.
  • Putting “fuel in the tank”. 


  • Do producers have to be passionate about their project?
  • What is the relationship between directors and producers?
  • Are producers interested in process or product?
  • Is anybody interested in international collaboration?
  • Most producers want to see the show not a video of it.
  • Should you stay in London or go to the provinces? Very London-centric, increased vibrancy in regions