Andrew Loretto, 4 February 2014


We are making a “best practice” doc, we want your input!

What are the do's and don't's for how artists should work with each other, with

venues/organisations and vice versa?

Please add your thoughts!

(Rob & Gemma)

Here are the collated contributions from D&D9:


Send contracts in a timely manner.

Always read the contract and query anything you don't unerstand.

Respect everyone's opinion.


Contract of expectation - especially if payment is mostly experience and thanks.

Acknowledging that small organisations have different pressures/financial thresholds

from larger bigger companies.

Clarify your goals/values and don't compromise on what is truly important to you.

Know when enough is enough.

Discuss in person to overcome difficult issues.

Accept your role's responsibilities (beyond the basics).

Run the numbers to know what the “deal” is.

Keep in constant communication - build relationships.

Think about all the sources of income for what you're doing and not reply on a

venue/funder/ticket sales alone.

Develop (and share) models for funding work that make sense for your scale and


Get it all down in a contract!

Be realistic.

Make formal complaints to venues and Arts Council if you encounter bad practice.

Bring in external mediators if communication breaks down.

Remember that avenue saying they can't afford your fee doens't mean they don't think

your work is worth what you're asking.

Whatever you do, look fucking cool doing it.

Look to other industries for comparison/inspiration (or the charity sector).

Be entrepreneurial - how can you fund work without funders? How can you use

company's skills?


Shy away from discussing money/fees.

Expect a safe, trusting rehearsal space if you bitch or gossip about each other's work.

Compare your career to others.

Hurt your physical body.

Devalue yourself.

Work for free - experience must add value even if it's not monetary.

Think designing and making is the same thing.

Send in your marketing material whilst still discussing the fee.

Work for free in a venue that pays salaries.

Haggle - be honest about what the work costs (artists) and what you can afford

(venues). If the numbers don't match, be polite and end the conversation.

Be afraid to scrap something you know is bad, stop working with someone who blocks

you, or leave jobs or places that are stunting your growth, no matter how much money

there is. Or be afraid but do it anyway.


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