Report by Tiata Fahodzi

- The term assumes default is white

- One has to specify: not white

- BAME = other

- Where’s the tipping point?

o When will that change?

o 2036; 50% of London BAME

- What happens when: ethnic ¹ minority

- Who is ‘we’?

- Is BAME UK specific

- do we use it in other places?

- BAME = fundraising terminology

- Industry movement; grabbed hold of terminology; oppositional to the sentiment

- Make inclusive/creative

- Useful to have language

o To target who you want

- People of colour

o Black/brown

- Not using the descriptive term to those the term describes

- The name is the thing or isn’t the thing?

- Covers ignorance

- Makes things easy and should be hard

- It’s about power

- Restricting, doesn’t represent

- BAME – what is Turkish?

- Ethnic versus nationality

- You need to know what BAME means to opt in/recognise it

- What other industries are using BAME?

- POC – if you don’t identify as being of colour?

- London stories

o Migrant

o Narratives

o Stories

o We want you

- Partnership working?

- Global majority

- Terms become buzzwords that alienate those that it’s describing

- Listen to Reith Lectures

- Heritage?

- ‘Where are you from?’ as aggressive, Heritage as neutral and respectful

- ‘Minority’ is loaded

- ‘Diversity’ is loaded

- Diversity as a thing that needs to get done

- Inclusivity as concept problematic – you don’t really mean everyone

- If you HAD replace BAME with another term, what would it be?

o Those of global heritage

o Ethnic diversity

o Non-white (putting white in the box)

o People of diaspora

o POC – What BAME people are choosing to call themselves

o Global majority o People of non-white heritage

o Black and Asian

o Ethnically diverse

o Melaninate

o Politically black

o Black, location, heritage

o POC - is it too American?

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