Paul Mooney, 11 January 2016

I want to bring the Muppets to the Globe

This topic came as a drunken idea when watching the Muppets. “Kermit would make a

great Hamlet” I announced. “Piggy would be a great Lady Macbeth “so said my

partner. A whole almost full show was born in my head. A compilation of short

versions of some of Shakespeare greatest hits. With Muppet folly, silliness, joy and

slapstick Interjection from Salter and Waldorf on the balcony. Electric Mayhem as the

band playing a Tudor version of “it’s the Muppets “ . Meeper being the bugle call. It

was the most sensational, inspirational , Shakespearetaional , this is what call the

Muppet Globe ! . Then like most ideas born with alcohol they fade away . Until a

session called “Its Behind You !!!! Why do we always forget about panto ? I happen to

think Panto is the pure, wonderful, lucrative, engaging . It also brings a demographic of

people to a theatre that only go once a year . I won’t go on to much about this as it’s a

different session . However the burning idea from many moons ago rekindled. this is

also not unprecedented there has been ‘ Muppet live’ Performance’s at the Lincoln

centre in the 1980s .

So Sunday morning I called the session for 12:00 “ I want to take the Muppets to The

Globe “ it was in the Frog area ( where else could I have it !) Now being sat alone by

the big wheel in Birmingham rep on your own can be a little dispiriting . However as

Kermit said “ Its not easy being green” I started the conversation on my own . The

show would bring Shakespeare to a new audience . This was a thread of conversation

that was brought on by the panto session . Bringing people who otherwise do not

come to the theatre. Not long after I was joined by Janie Connoly who loved the idea .

However had her reservations . The big one being Disney . As you may or not be

aware the Disney corporation own the Muppets franchise . Disney are quite very

careful in there branding and keeping there product . Even saying of the word

‘magical’ in theme parks that aren’t Disney’s can result in legal action .Also to quote

Lloyd Davis ( who joined me latter on ) “ the amount of lawyers and middle men “the

amount of changes you will encounter from various different factions” ( i.e . The globe

having there imput . Disney having there’s . ) “ You will be seeking forgiveness rather

than permission “ . The pursuits would also have there say . “ Would this be devaluing

Shakespeare ? Would this affect sponsors to the globe ( or the R.S.C. as they were

also muted as potential associates for this production ) . Are we taking Shakespeare

seriously ? As Lloyd also said “do you think Emma Rice ( of the globe ) or Greogry

Dorian ( of the R.S.C. ) take Shakespeare seriously ? I hope not “

Also the issue of stunt casting came to the discussion. Which also was brought up at

the Panto discussion . To cast a big name in a production is a way of bringing people

into a theatre . Different performer’s for different productions . David Tenet as Richard

The II at the Barbican sold out for many different reasons . A) It was a R.S.C.

production in London . B) David Tenant is a very good performer C) Doctor Who . The

performer had had a massive success with the Doctor Who and subsequently brought

people who have never been to the theatre , complete with there sonic screwdrivers

and autograph books .D) Richard The II is a great play A similar issue reaction

happened with Benedict Cumberbatch performing Hamlet in 2015 . There was a issue

with an audience who are not used to a regular theatre behaviours . Cumberbatch

stopped the performance mid soliquy due to the number of red lights recording the

performance on there phones. So many theatre audiences are very against the idea of

having non-traditional theatre audience’s. Though this also bring to mind the concept

of the open / extra live performance’s ( but I feel I may be going off topic as that has

been covered very well in a different session)

So do I continue with this plan? Or do I chalk this down to drunken nonsense ? have

lots of other projects and commercial work to peruse . Or do I make this a fully prosed

idea ? do I tweet and email Emma and Gregory with a proposal ? Do I write to Disney

with a treatment ?

As was pointed out to me “ Why hasn’t this already happened ? “

You know what .. Im going to try this . Maybe children don’t like the Muppet’s any

more . Its possibly that I will never manage to get this of the ground .However “ Life is

a happy song “ . I would be very un-muppet like to give up . I shall end on my cast list .

Please feel free to add or suggest which Muppet you would cast and if you agree or

disagree with my choices

Kermit The Frog : Hamlet

Miss Piggy : Lady Macbeth

Fozzie Bear : Falstaf

Sam Eagle : Julius Caesar

Gonzo : Othelo

Pepe The King Prawn : Iago

Swedish Chef : Tituts

Animal : The Fool

Stop Press …On the train home I discovered that Kermit The Frog likes the tweet to

be Hamlet … “Its time to get things started “