I want to share/support you in your process (without forcing the production)... tell me how!

Ned Lunn, 5 October 2012

I had a conversation with Ben Rosenfiel about my desire to be available for artists during the concept process and to share the excitement and life-giving idea/dream stage without forcing through, unnaturally, a need to produce anything. We talked about the extravagance of ideas and how to appreciate that process.

Ben suggested the phrase ‘reflective conceptualisation’ as a service that I might be able to provide. It would look like a conversation once every 6months/ year where you come to someone who will listen to you spurt out your ideas and help you to enjoy them to allow them to remain as extravagant and watching to see where they take you. To help you reflect on what they are and where they come from and why they exist at all.

'An unconsidered life is not worth living'!

I will play around with the idea of being a point of contact for artists to be the person to share ideas with the safety of knowing you do not have to do anything with the ideas if it's not right.

If you're interested in this kind of service (free of charge) contact me @nedlunn or email [email protected]


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