I want to make a show about Alan Turing – Do you want to help?

Convener(s): Dermot McLaughlin

Participants: Jonathan Bidgood, Danny Scheinmann, Nicholas McInerny, Timothy Bird, Rosamund Williams, Alex Lehman, Sophie Trott, Chris Grady, Andy Saich, Roland – Theatre Delicatessen, Mary –Proteus Theatre, Kathryn – 247 Theatre Festival, Sarah – Release the Hounds, Sophie Nagovitsyna


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

I began by sharing my interest in the work and life of Alan Turing, this was sparked by a Channel 4 Drama Documentary about his life, broadcast in 2011. 2012 is his centenary year.

I shared my surprise that the arts community have not, yet responded to this event.

He was a remarkable man who was persecuted by the state and should be known and celebrated today as the genius he was.

The debate raised ideas and issues that I had not previously considered also issues  it also helped me focus on a possible way forward for the development of this idea.

I feel I have made some valuable contacts and will be keeping in touch.

D&D is just brilliant, this is my first time and can see its immense value. I now feel this project is a real possibility. Being able to get it out of my head and shared with interested people already has moved the idea forward.

The end of the session became a fascinating conversation between four of us about the application of technology and video in the theatre space – bonus!


FYI: uni of surrey has a statue of Alan Turing in it’s main sq. Could use as a stimulus?

Ps if Dermot reads this I’d like to get involved. Sorry I didn’t make it to the session guleraana mir (email address on the sheet on the wall)