I want to get on the international touring circuit. Help!

Convener(s): Daniel Goldman  

Participants: Oh… don’t know.


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Where are the networking possiblities/networks?

Looking at other companies. Steal their ideas!

Space: Network. Check out the “crossing borders” session. It’s an EU initiative.

But you need to answer the question of where you want to go.

Meet producers at Decibel, Norwich International, Edinburgh

Get on the British Council Bandwagon. 

I.E.T.N. – international European (I think) Theatre Network. There is a 400 membership fee.

Russia. Theatre Driven country. Think beyond the big cities. It doesn’t have to be Moscow.

What else do you offer? If you can offer other activities, great – the more arrows to your bow the better!

Check out NIE

College Circuit in the states- that’s where the money is.

Make work that is easy to commission. Play the game. If its Dickens year, its Dickens year.

Trust the domino effect. One festival appearance often leads to another.

Play the system – each country has a different system. Know it. Use it.