I want theatre that........... rocks the fabric of my being

rachel amey, 31 July 2012

I want theatre that...............

People there: Jessica Phillippi, Jane Howard, Colin Grenfell, Debbie Hannan, Fiona Sturgeon Shea, Andy Corelli, Andrea Herbert, Rachel Amey

This was our list.... anyone in the group who wanted to could write a comment on the paper - so the list is of individual wants as opposed to a group decisions....... we discussed and talked around the different ideas and provocations - and also made a list of theatre we had seen that “rocked our world” ....

I want theatre that......

tells me really good stories

excites me, engages me

transforms perspective

inspires me to tell everyone I know to sent and makes me want to create more like it

reveals itself

that I don't feel indifferent about

I can learn from

is ambitious (regardless of budget!)

is for me

that shuts up my critical voice

that keeps me on the edge of my seat

that shows me new actors I've never seen before


raises the bar for my own practice

that risks pretension, artiness

that is socially engaged

is coherent, incoherent

that makes me research afterwards

that moves me

that makes me fall in love with theatre again

that moves me

that makes me REACT rather than form OPINION

that is part of a longer journey

that is not too long

that acknowledges the audience in the room

that entertains

that risks

an itemised theatre ticket where payment is collected after watching the show, having judged elements of the production/art


we talked for quite a while around feedback and commenting on work and how this works and doesn't - mainly feeling that it didn't- and actually could become a new session....

How do we give/receive feedback? -place and time?
-new strategies to encourage it?
-how to give it to “more established” folk?

Shows that rocked us

(n.b. some of these shows divided opinion a lot within the group!)

Prudencia Hart
Alan Cumming's Macbeth Fuerzabruta
Mission Drift - The Team
Bright Black - Vox Motus Earthquakes in London - Headlong Roadkill - Ankur
Black Watch - NTS
Blackout - Thickskin
Nofitstate circus
Dancing Brick
Beef (Al Seed)
The Wild Bride!


A new list was placed up in the main room after this session to see if anyone wanted

to add more... watch this space.....


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Kirsty Lothian, 1 August 2012

The list which was written on the wall is now here as it's own report- do take a look!


rachel amey, 1 August 2012