I have cookies

Leyla Asadi, 18 July 2012

Attended by: most of the group

When I say, “I have cookies” I'm not talking about text files, I'm talking about the old fashion type of cookies. Choc chip, if you will. When I say “I” what I actually made clear was that I stole them from Becci Sharrock in the car on the way down to Stockton. However she was very courteous and let me share them with everyone.

I had scheduled my session for late afternoon, presuming that's when a cookie might be of most use, however both Hannah Clarke-Stamp and Natalie Querol came up to me pretty much straight away to ask if they could have one. So I guess that was the right time for it to start. But what was quite interesting was that most people who wanted to have one, actually waited and stuck to the session time of 3pm! How very British of them all.

By offering them I was hoping to make people happy (cookies always make people happy) but someone mentioned it was also a clever promoting trick on my part to get those folk I didn't know in the room to speak to me…..

I guess I did speak to some people I'd not met purely because of the cookies but hey there are worse ways to make friends and influence people, right?