Amy Ip, 27 January 2013

Last year Amy turned up with her very small daughter with questions about how to be

a creative parent. The questions are still the same but now they are regarding having

a toddler as when babies are nice and small and not mobile, they are much more

portable and can very easily be taken into rehearsals spaces and not be much trouble.

However, now that they are mobile, what do you do and they also don't nap so much

now either so how do you find the time to be creative?

Matilda found that the most useful time of the day was to the two hour nap window in

the middle of the day but Amy finds it very difficult to just switch on the creative side of

her during this time.

Amy is currently struggling with pursuing ideas and dreams due to the demands of

parenting and feeling like time being creative = minus time being a mother and was

actively stopping her from dreaming.

Matilda suggesting that Amy looked into the Dreamer / Realist/ Critic mode of thinking

to help realise your dreams which Amy will look into.

It was also discussed with Jennifer that there really is no magic solution regarding the

Creative Career / Parenting conundrum and that you should just do it as there really is

never a right time.

Also to enable creativity to happen, it would be good to be in touch with other

freelance / creative parents so that they can help with supervising children whilst

creative projects are being created.

Mhairi also dropped in with her ten year old daughter Niamh, to tell us that when

Niamh was a baby / toddler, she was brought into the rehearsal rooms and has lived

her whole life around theatre and now Niamh is an extremely confident person.

Showing that the two worlds really don't have to exclusive but inclusive.

Participants: Amy Ip, Dan Woods, Pippa, Matilda Leyser, Ridley, Jennifer, Mhairi,

Niamh, James.


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