I have a job interview on Tuesday, help me to be really good at it when I get there. 

Convener(s): Leyla Asadi

Participants: Dodge / Morven / Sally


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:\ 

LA: feeling slightly worried about this interview as I think I could do the job very well but need to think through how I structure my answers and deal with the presentation which is entitled; ‘How would I ensure the positive development of the company through the mission, vision and current artistic landscape.



*Explained the company history and importance of their mission.

*Talked about grass-root companies working with the community but also wanting to venture more into venue-land. Impact on community spaces closing. *Even bigger need to keep those voices heard.

*Think about what the limits are, so I know what I’m dealing with.

*Think about ways they would like to see change. Look at corporate areas to make brand strong etc.

*Making sure the questions I may ask are relevant and don’t try to ‘tackle’ everything! Think about the scope of the job and what relevance the role entails.

*If you know what they are looking to do in the future or over next 3 years of funding, make sure those areas are addressed in presentation.

*Think about the artistic merits of the company and how you would enhance rather than change. A long standing company may want new influences but doesn’t want to change what the essence of who they are.

*Be specific in presentation.

*Use PowerPoint if possible to focus your presentation and its also useful as a back up.

*What to wear-something smart but not the power suit/briefcase combo. Neat and presentable :)

*How to approach the question about ‘what are your weaknesses/faults-over working is usually a good one! The need to get better at not overstretching yourself.

*Questions to the panel-make sure they are relevant and don’t come across as something that is asked just for sake of asking something.

*Part time job so how are the hours going to be managed? Set days? Is it flexible in terms of place of work? Etc.



*Changing climate/closure/reduction of community based work will impact greatly so look at innovative ways to continue what is important to them (essentially not loosing their specialty as a company).

*Look at current trends/themes for inspiration.

*Rather than always devising new work maybe a known text that happens to have the same ‘issue-base’ but is not currently marketed in that way. This would potentially open up new audiences but not loose sight of importance of issues.

*Website-start a blog space where participants can contribute online with their ideas/stories-IF closure of community centres means less physical work in spaces. Make it clear that although some negative aspects may be present (i.e. unsolicited blogs) all interaction is useful as it may help evidence that increased awareness is needed!

*Look to highlight areas of what a producer does and bullet point what I would do to build/develop on current practice. Pick ones that are most appropriate and use to explain how I would develop them.

*Presentation-intro what I like about the co/where I think I could help take it/focus on 3 main ideas-BE SPECIFIC, USE EXAMPLES-with at least one being backed up by an example of past experience.


Good Tips

1.Prepare for the moment-prior to interview don’t worry about what may be the outcome etc.

  1. Seems obvious but listen to questions and answer them (easily to misinterpret or go off on tangent.
  2. Don’t assume anything-just because they know you, you still need to spell everything out so they can tick their little boxes.
  3. Don’t loose your personality!