I got paid - but I got more for using my car than running the workshop - what's wrong?

Deborah Gearing, 22 September 2012

2 Issues here:

a) price paid for workshops has dropped abysmally

b) CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUES: all these one person car journeys…endless printing…

Dont' we, as theatre makers, life makers, need to place sustainability at the top of the list when organising ourselves and events? We could prioritise elements at the at the outset of every meeting.

eg: using ecofont to print scripts (and making sure it has to be printed before we print); 

rationalising journeys and using public transport when possible; looking at things like heating - can we turn it down a degree, another?

These are in themselves small steps - but we all know they count, and they are all we can do for the present.


climate, change, sustainability