Li-E Chen, 27 March 2014

26 January 2014, Devoted and Disgruntled 9

York Hall, London

I am anxious about change. How open space/D&D at the Tate Modern's Turbine

Hall can change the dynamic of UK's art and cultural today?

1. Why - D&D or Open Space?

2. Why - the Tate Modern?

3. Why - the Turbine Hall?

4. How - change the dynamic of the art and cultural today?

5. Why - anxious about change?

When I called this session in the morning on the second day of DandD9 event, I felt I

would had collapsed in the middle of circle when I announced I wanted this change to

happen and asking big organisation, such as the Tate Modern to support this change.

I felt this is something very important but don't know how to begin.

Physically the question itself had taken so much energy from me, my head felt

intensively in pain. I was really anxious. This would be too much for me to take

responsibility, I am just a little individual and unknown artist. I also have a full-time day

job, I have very little time not even enough to focus doing my art practice. How could I

possible to take the lead to change the dynamic of the art and cultural today?

Can someone else do this for me to make it happen? I can write my idea here for you

and tell you all the answers above why this is important?


do we have much better things to do than this?

who care?

do I or anyone is interested in commit to it?

a month later:

25 Feb 2014 - I gave my four weeks notice, resigned my day job.

two months later:

27 March 2014 - I am here writing this report and still hoping this can happen if it is


image credit: Benjamin Sebastian (link: "24 Hours in Dream" BAC 2012)



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