How would theatre makers like to be trained?

 Convener(s): Nick Wood

Participants: Jennifer, Ros, Michael, Alyn, Catherine, Jen, David, Denise

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Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

In discussion the following recommendations were made for theatre training:

  • Environment in which possible to move at your own pace
  • Be able to change direction when I wanted
  • Be exposed to ideas
  • Be exposed to other disciplines
  • Learn to do it my way
  • Feel I’ve made choices, have ownership over training choices
  • Ability to be influenced by a large collective and work through ideas with other people
  • Good one-to-one tutors advising you, drawing you out, not telling you what to do
  • Meet people with life-time’s dedication – inspiring in their discipline
  • Ability for teachers to learn from their students
  • Learn to be pro-active, make a living
  • Recognition that you’ll be going in to a business environment
  • Learn that theatre can happen in more places than theatres
  • Learn where you are going to take your skills
  • A good course would create a lot of needs … leading to self-sufficiency
  • Mix time in School with time in practice (EG one year training, then five years practice, then two years training)
  • Learn that you never stop training
  • Learn to be self-motivated
  • Placements – do a walk on role as part of your training
  • Be in front of an audience
  • Be protected
  • Learn to make transition from protected world to being vulnerable in front of a whole load of people
  • Personal growth
  • Business skills need to be taught
  • Less of a culture that the business world is not for them
  • Learn to take theatre in to the corporate world
  • Learn to stop running away – build a symbiotic relationship with corporate world
  • Learn to engage with corporate world
  • Learn methods of evaluation from corporate       world
  • Train for more than one thing
  • Promote the right degree of expectation – not too high, not too low. It’s work, it’s straightforward
  • Learning to be an artist rather than director, lighting designer etc.
  • A course for theatre-makers (covering all disciplines)
  • Training which doesn’t hamper you by defining what you do too tightly
  • Training which prepares to go on training yourself
  • Even more freedom, tutors saying they’re sharing their knowledge – not telling you what to do or how to do it
  • It’s about being in an environment with a whole lot of people doing something every day for three years
  • Leave with a peer group, not isolated
  • Company that graduates can go straight in to
  • Today feels like being at drama school again, feels safe like being at college again