The first few people who joined me said "Don't do it"!
I was also able to talk to others who have toured shows in other discussions later in the day too.
Becky came to join me and explained that she had taken a show called "Liz" to Edinburgh where they sold out. It turned out that she had produced the show by Harry Styles, who is a writer/composer friend of mine. We discussed the logistics and finances of that show which was supported by the University of Leeds. Temple Newsam Council, Leeds were helpful. Becky is now studying on the Creative Producers course at Mountview with Pam Fraser Solomon and will be taking a four hander to Edinburgh this year. We discussed Breach Theatre's successes and taking shows to festivals such as Bedford,Slough, Camden etc... Section 2 a four hander play by Peter Imms directed by Georgie Staight was taken around festivals successfully.
Corey who is a finance manager for theatre and has recently arrived from Australia (Melbourne) said that before you tour a show you should be able to answer the question WHY? And what are the audiences coming for. He suggested that MARKETING is crucial for tours and there are different audiences-different markets in different places that you have to understand. Where does your work suit? Get partners that share your why!
As the show has a heritage/National trust theme it could be widened to help other groups?
Partnership is crucial.
Becky’s team had “Purple People” all along the Edinburgh mile as well as excellent Social
Media presence during the “Liz” musical performances. 50 posters/6000flyers for 2 weeks and a budget of about £7000.

In other discussions I met Penny who works for Selladoor theatre company. She works as a production coordinator.
Selladoor do "co-pros" with places like Sheffield, the Bush Theatre and Nuffield but they can be difficult due to the discussions required and the financial deals that you need. They take shows to the Watermill in Newbury. once a show is on the road it's overheads are not huge it is the development costs that are so expensive - creating the sets/rehearsals etc...They are able to store sets and tour them. They look for new shows but it can take a year to get through all the submissions. When moving from small scale fringe to Mid scale (and large scale) the sets have to be redesigned. Hannah was talking about a show (The War of the Worlds) of 75-80 minutes with a set three and a half meters high and seven and a half wide for the New Diorama which will have to be enlarged and the show made into a two act show to take it to a mid- scale theatre.
Headlong are successfully putting on classic A level texts like '1984' and taking them to the Almeida as well as touring successfully.
Perhaps as Steph suggested I should ask on the UK Theatre Producers facebook page?