Nico Pimpare, 11 January 2016

Called by Nicolas Pimpare. Attended by Sarah Booth, Jolie Booth, Serafina Salvador,

Emmanuel De Lange.

Jolie (produces “tourette's hero” and “backstage and biscuitland”) described her path

to becoming a producer. Having met many freelance producers eg at Edinburgh she

says she hears similar stories from most of them. She became a producer by accident.

Naturally wants to do her bit to facilitate project and was promoted to “director of

falling” for 6 years with the company she worked with. Then she realised she'd been

doing the job of a producer…

Producing can change more things than anything else in the theatre. Eg - making it

more accessible!

Emmanuel warned about being careful to realise the importance of the task you are

undertaking when becoming a producer. It is a job which involves a lot of work and

responsibility. Beware of legal implications, for instance.


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