How to get a (better) job in an hour and an half

Convener(s): James Bush

Participants: Jo, Jack, Lindsay, Other (x6/7)

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations: 

If your goal is to get paid for doing what you want or love, follow these simple steps:

  • Be aware, there may not be many job opportunities ‘out there’
  • Be Punctual
  • Begin to strike a balance between working for free and paid work
  • Be prepared to work as a waitress, a bartend, a care assistant, an intern, a box officer, a front of house manager, a call centre operative, a teacher.
  • Align yourself with buildings/institutions/support networks that may allow you free access to the resources that aid your desired practice. 
  • Be Self-Employed
  • See your family/friends/partner/bed less as you work 80 hours a week.
  • Benefit from further education/training/professional development…
  • But, before parting with any of that hard earned money, have a clear idea of what skills you are improving and why you have chosen a particular development path
  • Be aware of the things/situations that scare you and attempt to transform this fear into your currency
  • Bravely go into that audition or that interview and declare “I am  Artist/Performer/Director/Designer/etc.
  • Believe in your own ability.
  • Be selective in what you say yes to – being paid for your expenses/work is not an unreasonable request.
  • Be bold and barter – offer your skills (tea making, envelope stuffing) as an exchange for that ticket or that place in that workshop.
  • Be realistic – weigh up the financial cost of a project against the personal/professional gain.
  • Appraise the quality of your life.
  • Be thankful for what you have.
  • See where you may be able to help others.


Web links that may be useful when job searching: – complete works creative company – seek arts venues/companies that interest you – follow organisations/people that interest you - sign up! - Jobs galore – jobs