How to bring more of the creative spirit into schools

Charleen Agostini, 1 July 2012

Charleen called the session, Contributors: Emma, Mathew and Liz.

Thinking about Creativity in schools led us into not only seeing the need in relationship to theatre, performance and art - but for all subjects.
Theaching Maths through storytelling and “guessing” is very important in learning. Also - the creative thought that once a child understands what they dont know they begin to understand.

Teachers' creativity in responding to different styles of learning and ways of being in the class room and to be creative around children in the class room who dont want to learn.
Include children's opinions and allow them to be “wrong”.

The best learning is helping children to be reflective about their understanding - to be the assessors of their work and not depend on teachers in the role of assessor.
Was their art work/theatre piece good enough?
Education is more limited due to the amount of structure and desire for a final product and on the answer instead of the process,



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