How might might we think about desire in relation to theatre?

Convener(s):Jonny Liron 

Participants: Jonny Liron, Chris Goode, Mat Trueman, Andrew Haydon, Chris Wilkinson, Lucy Ellinson, Gerard Bell, Greg McLaren, Katherina, the infantile radiance of the entire desperate people.

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

(Coupled with the urgent contingence of political sex, as in, Today)

We speak the sharpening

Is that defecating noise in the future tense

     sound the hate system falling apart

We were here all the time

The terror corollary examples its own specious disgust

The co-ordinates (like the sea, and love) scramble and re-align

Moving knowledge to passionate radical de construction

In (neck positioned) attentive gleam

To radiate those (these) sinews in empathy with another, to speak of us

The boy dancer shines his specific orientated lost

The queer turn back towards the horizon

(the stars dislocate and shimmer out of angled sight

The form of the poetic critical engagement with what is critical

We are hurtling, impact imminent

O, we were found

out straining out stretched throat