How is fear useful in your working process?

Convener(s): Hanna Wolf                

Participants: Charlie Meyrick, Martin Bishop, Will Bowery, Hannah Dickinson.

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

-settled people = good directors and so knowing yourself and you insecurities is key for a good working environment.

-admittance of anxiety- relating interest in your own idiosyncrasies (you acknowledge them just by turning up in the rehearsal room) – therefore, never deny yourself in the rehearsal room.

-need modern solutions to anxiety based problems. Not just forcing people to confront their fears.

-Need to observe group functioning and have perspective of yourself to remain objective.

-Group psychoanalysis to understand group dynamic

-All about a comfortable working environment.

-Using closed rehearsals to make an actor feel safe.

-Directors should remain a form of support- If they are open they capture respect. Need to be careful of your language and avoid the word worry.

-First and foremost, trust your actors.