How do you stop Mental Paralysis and Mortal Fear when invited to come up with an IDEA (or a question for discussion in this Open Space)

Convener(s): Mandy Travis

Participants: Frank, Phelim 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

 Duration of Discussion:       About 10 minutes


  • After the stimulation of yesterday’s Open Space Sessions, I didn’t really feel that it was relevant to discuss this today – the mental paralysis and mortal fear is somewhat dissolved when participating in stimulating and creative discussion with other theatre practitioners. Today is for exploring other and maybe larger issues.
  • With regard to the above issue, Frank and Mandy agreed that the paralysis and fear can be caused by fear of not being original or interesting and consequently of what others may think of you. Or by having the ideas inside, but simply being too shy to express them. This goes for creative ideas in general, not just ideas for Open Space Session discussions.
  • Phelim said if you don’t have an idea, then that’s fine – its not the right time for it. So don’t force an idea – it won’t be the right one.
  • Today, Sunday, at this moment, all this doesn’t matter much. It is no longer an issue. So move on.