How do you introduce yourself at parties? (Am I the only one?)

Estelle Rosenfeld, 19 September 2012

Who called the session: Estelle Rosenfeld

Who attended the session: Pam, Jo Dyer, Jane Pitt, Estelle Rosenfeld

Just met someone in the train on my way here, and he mentioned he was a train driver, nice and simple, eventually he asked “what do you do?” and I had to select one of my usual five to six options.

Answers vary depending on:
Who you are talking to / where you are What you are working on at the moment

But really, does it matter? Is this an issue? Why do we need label?
Cause it's linked to copyrighting and selling lines.
There is something nice in the simplicity of saying “I'm a train driver”, is our answer vague, because what we do is vague?...

As it got us talking about what we do and this session was shared with Jane Pitt's session on ‘Participation?’ cause we both wanted to talk about both subject, we moved on to the question of ‘participation’ in work and its links to labeling.


participation, introduction, art form, copyright, label