How do we support small scale companies to make them more sustainable?

elaine knight, 26 September 2012

Elaine, Kirsty, Chris, Simon, Wendy, Kathryn

Is this necessarily a bad thing?

Why are companies not sustainable?

- shift in funding

- venues and rural touring schemes booking a year ahead

- perception that local isn't good enough

- venues need to feed back as to why they aren't booking

- regional ‘showcases’ to see new work

- small scale is often seen as too risky and unknown

Some solutions:

- companies need to think of other ways they can be supported, funding isn't always the only answer - free advise, rehearsal space, ask for letters of support

- be prepared to work on partnership projects to broaden horizons


- work with venues, other companies, NPO's to sign post to collaboration and nurture and develop new companies

- think about new business models

- understand the audiences of the venues you are trying to ask to book you - is your show relevant to them?

- Don't expect to be booked just because you are based in the local area. There needs to be an appropriate product

- Connectivty of organisations such as LOV to work together to greater support companies, ie Catalysty, Grants for the Arts etc

- Exploit the work in your repetory to enable more people to see the work ie - tour 2 pieces at the same time with 2 different groups of actors etc

- Don't get stuck in a rut


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