I called the session because I was frustrated/troubled by patterns that were appearing in my work and thought they might be quite widespread:

* being involved in multiple peer collaboration projects that get 85% to completion and fizzle out with no clear ending, leaving a feeling of drained energy
* these are usually unpaid or payment/end product will be a long way off/ no obvious goal structure
* even when there is a clear outcome such as a production, it's hard to keep the group's energy focused at the same time -- because everyone is juggling multiple projects people will drop in and out and it's hard to make people accountable
* For me personally this means I do a lot of work on early stages of projects that don't go anywhere.

I didn't intend the session to be about me! but it felt a bit like that. Thanks to those who came for helpful feedback and suggestions --

Answer to the question is really STAY AWAY FROM THE SWAMP -- try to identify projects that might only reach 85 per cent, or at least try to spot earlier when something might be coming to a natural closure and don't fight it.

If formal closure is important build in how that is going to happen when the project set up -- how will we know when it's over?

Find a mentor

Test commitment of collaborators (and self) with small goals and deadlines early on.

Try to have a balance of projects that are purely artistic, that you'll do anyway, with those that need evidencing/structure which will automatically build in goals and deadlines. Have a series of small achievable goals.

Realised I need to set boundaries about the sort of work I take on.

Thanks everyone for your time.