How do we make the devising process easier when you don’t have an outside eye.

 Convener(s): Matthew Austin

Participants: Adam Barnard, Emma Bernard, Maddy

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

You can’t devise without an outside eye…

If you do have one, does it have to be constant?

If you don’t have one, who takes responsibility, someone has to take the lead – how do you decide this?

Is “making it easier” the problem word.  Aren’t the tussles and arguments and discussions the most fruity bits?

Perhaps have rules to break through deadlock…. You can only talk for 17 minutes and then you have to get up and do.

If you don’t have one, get someone to come in, watch what you’re doing and then tell you what it is, what it means.  This can help you shape where you go next.

Get people who you really like to come and watch your stuff.

Factor in a random factor.  Names in a hat.  When you hit a problem, someone has to pick a name from the hat and that person has to solve the problem in whatever way they think best – if that’s ‘we all go to the pub’ then so be it.

Making a solo show – important to have someone to bounce ideas off, someone to stop you self-censoring too much.

Then… We talked a bit about pursuing a career path and does that mean sacrificing your creative ambitions.

Sure, you have to do a certain amount of rubbish work, but as long as you keep your creative ambitions in mind, your goals, you’ll be fine.