On Accessibility of Training:

- We spoke about the problems around auditioning
--Fees (which are starting to be interogated by some places e.g. Lamda)
--The uncomfortable/anxiety producing nature of the environment created
--Being prepared
--Lack of Feedback
--Mention of Open Door who are trying to help make auditions more accessible

- We also spoke about the way training institutions are inaccessible to marginalised communities, particularly those with disabilities.
--Building access
--Awareness of basic access needs is often missing as this is not taught in schools or otherwise developed in wider society. Typically this places the weight of doing this work and educating people on marginalised people, adding another barrier.
--There was emphasis placed on the need to integrate access in theatre work from primary school and youth theatre level as by the time people reach drama school age they may have written off the idea that it is for them

-Spoke about the industry
--How the realities of the industries are tough and this creates a responsibility to develop this in training
--We also spoke about the way in which the industry is set up in a way that allows it to not change as there is so much competition and therefore supply to the conservatoires

--We spoke about how the Gatekeepers/faculties need to change, that there needs to be top down change for the institutions to really change rather than just tickboxing

We spoke about a lot more but I'm gonna get stuck back into the chats