How do we keep Theatre Directors creative?

Convener(s): Lucy Pitman-Wallace

Participants: Simon Pittman, Sola Bertoli, Li E Chen, Annie Rigby, Matthew Lloyd, Emily Kempson, Jack Lowe, Beccy Owen, Sophie Larsmon, Ben Luke, Shakera Louise Ahad, Sally Crabtree, Morven Macbeth, Tilly Edwards, Liza Stubbs, Simon Wilkinson. Plus..

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

See pictures for overview.

Useful thoughts as seen by LPW: Fresh Word, Young Vic Genesis network - Freshworks, Stellar Network (for actors, writers, directors, producers – community of support,  mentoring page Improbable, National Theatre of Wales/ National Theatre of Scotland, NT Studio, Living Pictures workshops,  short course at Central in directing, City Lit, ITC Directors Forum.  Networks from your own friends, colleagues, course, members. The Point in Eastleigh. Network between directors who attended D & D.Keep in touch. Go to music gigs/ other people’s show. Feedback. Go teach drama students, design students, dancers and academic students. Tell people if you see something wonderful, can open up a dialogue. Models of communications from other places like MS scientists. Find mentors, be courageous to ask for advice. Good to share not to compete.