How do we hear/respect the voice of those who are spoken for by others. Children, young people, the disenfranchised, additional needs.

anne plenderleith, 7 July 2012

There was only one other person from the whole group attended this session which reinforces the need for the question.

They are unheard because we need to change attitudes. Create ways of hearing their real voices, feelings, wants, needs.

Guvinda (NTW) felt that it was important to embed the ethos of real respect for all within all arts organisations.

NTW and Clwyd Theatr Cymru through CTCTYP have a variety of processes and support mechanisms believing that once artists and organisations embrace this important element in ensuring theatre reaches everyone, that the artists and organisations will be working together to enable these voices and reflect them in their work.

CTCTYP and NTW try and embed this respect and the skills required in their artists and partners while they are working with them but there is no guarantee that this will be carried forward into future work or partnerships. We think things are getting better, particularly in Wales through ACW and Welsh Government but respect and listening must be real and lead to action and not lipservice.


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