Do we need a better understanding of what visual dramaturgy is?
Why is the visual luxury? - especially considering that visual is global and not limited to one language.
The visual also hands over interpretation to the audience - can we let them revel in ambiguity?
Fear of being pretentious?
Where does the fear of the visual stem from? Text = story, Visual = ?
Is text led theatre too defining and therefore doesn't allow the design to find the rhythm of the piece?
Is it where it is placed - between dance and theatre? Or opera?
Is it in specialisms, having to fit neatly in marketing?

Cult of the writer?
Why aren't international visual artists being programmed?
Is it to do with the Mime festival being the only people programming it and then not really and only once a year?
Children's theatre is still making it? What about for grown-up audiences?
Audiences do tend to respond well to the visual why don't programmers see that? Or take the risk? Do audiences need the 'ah ha' moment of understanding?'
What is in our collective visual culture?
Do we need more cross arts venue? (home/ arc/ warick arts centre?)

Is it about the funding and the luxury of it?

Is it due to the syllabus in schools? Mainly about space and not the visual? Not teaching cross arts.
This leads to culture where there isn't a cross over between the visual arts and theatre...

CONCLUSIONS (if this is one really)

It's okay to be ambiguous?
Don't call it design-led!!
Not putting practices into pigeon holes.
Alternative modes of applications - more visual led?
Should we have a twitter handle #visualtheatre

People in attendance: Kate Lane, Ros Philips, Kit Denison, Laura Hopwood, Alison Neighbour, Fiona Watt, Keili DesJarlais, Matt, Natalie