How do we get Theatre to inspire a generation?

Rosy Louis, 26 September 2012

People involved - Amy, Holly, Beth, Ed, Ellie, Toby, Wendy, Marian, Chloe, Joanne.

Fear and barriers - pupils just seeing theatre as ‘going into acting’ and not seeing the relevance of theatre as a place to discuss, create and understand themselves, their lives and their place in the world.

Is the government hindering creativity through a focus on traditional subjects? Are children just seeing theatre as a big musical production they go and see at the weekend?

Are pupils hindered by parents who don't like, understand or are scared of theatre?

We felt perhaps pupils should be creating work that they want to create and then invite parents along to inspire them. Is the curriculum hindering pupil creativity? Are the PSHE subjects relevant and do they need changing?

We want to inspire pupils about theatre not just acting. Should extra curricular clubs be about all pupils involved in all aspects of theatre - marketing, back stage, performing etc?

Making theatre accessible in the rural community, but how do we make this cost effective?

Is there a way of getting an ‘Olympic’ style event organised so a generation can be inspired by theatre and understand that culture is important, the most important thing and everything else stems from culture and theatre!



fear, teachers, school, culture, Culture, generation, growing up, pupils, inspiration, drama clubs