How do we get SW theatre regularly reviewed

David Prescott, 17 July 2012

We discussed reviewing forums on the web, their reach and immediacy e.g. Romote Goat.

So do we need a forum just for SW theatre? Or do we look at established sites and blogs to be connected to. Not an organisation though, such as a theatre that may want editorial bias. Lyn G covers and flags up a lot of work with an evenhandedness, as well as reviewing, giving an important overview of what is happening.

Some people in the region do see shows and post reviews under their own steam unpaid but it was felt that is part of how it works.They should at least receive tickets from the theatres to see the work.

Exeunt, a London based site which engages with all the arts have a reviewer in Exeter for the region. They decided to do this and weren't approached from down here.

Devon Life also has a blog site. Difficult to just leave quick comments because of the site wanting all your details.

The people in the SW who do see shows down here even if it is only 3 or 4 a tear should be encouraged to tweet. The finger for this was mainly pointed at me as I do see quite a bit, so fair enough. Kate Sparshatt of PAC said that #swtheatre was available. What about also linking into Theatre Devon and Cornwall websites and TRP? Specific SW section of Exeunt? Longer thought could also be linked through twitter to personal wordpress blogs. Then through social networking to beyond SW and London websites?

Finally, how honest should we be? Nix said we should say exactly what we think with reasons. Single word negativity means virtually nothing.


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