Roger Kay, 14 January 2017

the following is as summary of the points raised, with no qualification by the author

does theatre simply mean ‘west end’ to some people ?

try to find a deep connection to the potential audience

is arts council funding criteria a problem ?


pre-judging audience's likes

find a hook that resonates

find a story that resonates

does local story mean inability to tour ?

is terminology off-putting - e.g. theatre, arts, fringe ?

should theatre be more engaging - e.g. games/music ?


demographic targeting

cultural disengagement

is theatre for liberal elite ?

is disinterest a grass roots education issue ?

do audiences feel at home in theatre ?

are fliers an extension of the theatre experience ?

use of social media

reviewers and bloggers

youth group engagement

promotional activities very time consuming and disproportionately expensive

take a newbie along with you


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