How do we celebrate more the things we do      

Convener(s):Vic Llewellyn

Participants: Forgot to get peoples names please put them below

Naomi, Gillian Russell

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Is it because we are British that we find it hard to big ourselves up?

Is celebration really just saying, thank you I’m really proud of myself?

Celebration is attempting to build a bridge connecting what’s inside oneself to the outside world.

Trying not hide your light under a bushel.

When you reach a certain age there are no more excuses for this.

Some North American tribes celebrate when they become an adult when there are 54!

When do we celebrate being an Adult? Is it necessary and why?

Are private rituals of celebration important?

We should celebrate our failures as well as our successes.

Celebration is networking/honesty/talking.

Celebration is not a reward. Something we are proud of cannot be quantified. i.e buying yourself a cake after a particular arduous task e.g log cutting.

Is celebration to make you feel better or to raise your profile?

Some companies celebrate individuals and projects after completion.

One company brought a CD to celebrate 25 years of operation.

Good documentation is celebratory.

We can mark time with celebration.

Company artwork and imagery can be celebratory.

We should celebrate our decisions whether good or bad.

Keeping a diary is celebratory.

But above all be specific in your celebration.