Report by Jon Oram and Becca Maher

Improvisation techniques could be used within meetings of all disciplines where people would be open to ideas and have a positive "yes and" attitude. Impro techniques can also be helpful in managing conflict. Discussed the use of Talking Sticks in many cultures that ensures that all participants have an equal say. Improvisation is about being in the moment and interaction between yourself and others. Improvisation is a sudden explosion of newness and is different from ad libbing. The Latin translation of Improvisation is Unforseen. If we lived our everyday lives improvising we probably wouldn't survive as we wouldn't forsee risks etc. Alice talked about working with communities where individuals 'play' another character such as a teenager and as a result have more empathy and understanding of their situation.

Paul spoke about a Cafe of Ideas in Brighton where local people meet and talk about various issues quite similar to Open Space.
Jon's teaching method is not competitive impro. but ensuring that you are listening and looking after your fellow improvisors. It promotes empathy . Boundaries are necessary and the use of the term 'principles' rather than 'rules' was suggested. Andy felt that Jon facilitating improvisation workshops to groups of local people would generate others to join and they would naturally effect others around them and would take those skills into their everyday lives.

A publication 'Applied Improvisation,Leading, Collaborating and Creating Beyond The Theatre was recommended edited by Theresa Robbins. Also the Applied Improvisation Workshop.