How do I overcome the fear?

Samantha Meisner, 2 October 2012

Participants: Jamie, Sam, Emma, Polly, Adrian,Leroy and Esther.

“Fuck it” - just jump in with two feet.

The idea of group therapy/mentoring.

Feeling afraid all the time.

Maybe you can't get rid of the fear until it's come real.

How do you meet the unrealistic expectations or do you bring them down?

Enjoy the energy of the fear, don't try to get rid of it.

Accept the fear as one part of you - let it drive you forward.

We know all the theories - can we put them into practice?

Play around the fear - indirectly, not head on.

Will it ever be “good enough”?

One of the most interesting things in a performer is vulnerability and that comes from fear.


stage fright, fear, terror, anxiety, high expectations