Lloyd Davis, 10 January 2016

This was a kind of “confessional” session to give people a space to talk about their

relationship with work, money and other people.

Steve Lawson came in half way through and used the phrase “portfolio career” which

is a way of talking that I'd forgotten. Thanks Steve, for reminding me that there's a

phrase for what most of the people who came are experiencing.

If you didn't come, do look for the similarities not the differences - if you think “That's

not me, that's not a problem I have at all” remember that this was a small self-selecting

group from the large self-selecting group that is D&D11.

If you did come and I've missed or misrepresented something you said, please do add

to this report with comments.

I noticed a few people saying they had to “make a conscious decision” not to work for

free or to stop doing certain kinds of work. Everyone who spoke had an explanation for

why their arrangements were non-standard - I expect they're used to justifying

themselves to others, I know I am.

“There are things I don't get paid for, but it leads to paid stuff.” -

We distinguished between work that comes with a fee and work that gives us other

value or contributes to our practice.

There are some people and companies that won't ever get a freebie (again).

The Bank of Mum, Dad, Spouse, Me Ten Years Ago etc.

Some had embarrassment or feelings that they were “a bit fake” because they didn't

live this year entirely on earning money through art or needed others to support their

creative practice.

Overall strategies were a mix of increasing the ratio of paid to unpaid work, reducing

outgoings, making a cushion for later and negotiating domestic or family relationships.

It was widely acknowledged that none of these work for everyone. Very few people felt

like they've got it right and have it all sorted.

My favourite quotation was: “You want me to work for how much? Do you know how

hard this is? Do you know how good I am?”

PS The conversation reminded someone of Bryony Kimmings "You show me yours"

Which I think is very good and I wish I'd remembered it at the beginning so that I could

have introduced the session with it :)


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