How creative can access get in theatre


Convener(s):  Caroline Parker

Participants: Tom M, Chrissy Tay, Emily Kempson, Ashley Scott La_Ton, Jenifer Malarkey, Martin McClean, Steven Whinnery, Jo Hammant


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Access a word too clinical let’s call it ‘Inclusive Theatre’

Sorting access in rehearsals for actors

Access for audience

‘Barriers’ who creates them

Planning ahead.

Funding for access – in budget applications, and Access To Work

Quote from director Kate Mitchell ‘Do you see actors as skilled and talented or as incapable and stupid’

See actor/person first not ‘Oh I want to work with deaf/disabled people’  Just cast them in roles as you would with any other actor.

It is possible to over design the creative access too much so that they become inaccessible.