Sunny Dhap, 9 January 2016

How can we support regional theatres to employ actors based in their region?

Approach this with positivity and professionalism.

Visit, talk & network with regional theatres.

Use local based creative twitter networks such as

@BrumArtsHour #BrumArtsHour

@LondonArtsHour #LondonArtsHour

@ManCityArtsHour #ManCityArtsHour

@BristolArtsHour #BristolArtsHour

these events happen every monday between 7pm to 8pm on twitter. The relevant

hash-tag must included in your tweet for it to be retweeted. This helps local creatives

to virtually meet each other and engage.

Regional theatres need to work closely with their local Equity branches to improve

communications between each other.

Thank you for reading this and your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

Sunny Dhap


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