JP Houghton, 10 January 2016

There's no magic bullet. Find a great example of the thing you like and promote it.

Work hard to find an audience. Think in more creative ways about who might be

interested. No substitute for this kind of work and somehow, eventually, things will

hopefully click.

That may seem a bit vague but there isn't a specific answer because there isn't a

simple solution - if there was we'd all be doing it already.

People who are passionate about something obscure want to promote it. People who

run venues want to know what the next trend is going to be. So appetite on both sides

to make progress here.

Document impact of art form as it currently is - take photos of the smiling faces, keep

records of attendance & you have facts & figures to share.

Look at examples from the past. What did they do to move from obscure to more


* Burlesque & cabaret are currently on the rise. Lots of people did this socially. A few

realised they could get cash doing shows. Their initial audience was the people who

did this socially.

* Stand up comedy was the last big trend before that. TV panel shows very popular

and promoted this to the masses, creating appetite to see more stand up.

Thanks to: Katharine (Circus) Anna (mediation) Hannah & Martin (run venues) &

everyone else who contributed



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