How Can We Make Theatre Better

Convener(s): James Stenhouse

Participants: Gary Campbell, Gemma Paintin, Lucy Cassidy, Matthew Austin, Jo Crowley, Matt Trueman, Lyn Gardner 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

We talked about how we can create more freedom in our processes and learn to introduce pressures at the right time in the process.

It was decided that models and events and tasks that allow us to make more work without censoring ourselves without fear of what is the ‘right show to make at this time’ or ‘what kind of work it is I make’

Artist led autonomous spaces and initiatives are essential to this because they remove the pressure that comes from venues.

As artists perhaps we can think about what our process is more freely, what frameworks can we dream up and implement:

Once a week club – a space to make work with artists where ideas are explored outside of our normal practice. It happens regularly and there is no pressure to make anything or any pressure on the form it might take. The commitment is that you turn up and that you give yourself the time to work on your own practice and nurture your own artistic practice and share it with your peers.

Tiny Ideas – a space for ideas that may or may not be taken any further. Performed for peers and invited audience. In an artist led space.

Could an event over a whole day take place where there is an exploration of practice and sharing of knowledge and ideas and process with other artists?

Overall it was decided that we need more spaces in which dreaming can take place without fear. alongside a commitment to strategizing and carrying out ambitious ideas.