How can we get funding for amateur productions?

Alex Thornton, 26 September 2012


Alex, Jo, Al, Matt

There is Arts Council funding still available, but it is more for developing the theatre company now.

There appears to be little money from business sponsorship.

Perhaps all the local amateur groups could join together to pool their funding?

Perhaps each company could do an Act for a show? And the audience could vote on which they preferred?

Wouldn't this cause even more competitiveness then already in amateur dramatics?

Its an interesting idea though that we could follow up on.

We could broaden this to across the East Midlands, which would bring audiences from across the borders!

Terry O'Toole theatre received quite a bit of money from grants.

County Council, NKDC, Co-Op communities, RAF communities fund have all funded theatre.

Busking - free publicity?



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