How can we ensure that new writers are seen and heard

Vanessa Rawlings-Jackson, 22 June 2012

Closure of Theatre Writing Partnership in East Midlands has meant loss of resource for new writers to access mentoring and exposure of work

what happened to this - why did it not continue - what is now in its place - is there anything in its place?

Curve are setting up anew initiative for new writer for them to access support - no charge but they will need to find their own resources re living costs etc

Can this lead to the next stage- or even any stage??\

There needs to be the right to fail and how can this be achieved - where are the platforms for this and do they necessarily have o be in theatre building.

some work is being done in non theatre spaces such as car parks and of course there is the pub theatre model

what is the level of resources in the east Midlands who can provide them - is a civic responsibility or a funded organizations'?
Curve is about to provide a resource for new writers what is available to other in the region?

Are collaborations a way of providing new platforms - example given of west Yorkshire Playhouse and the Armouries. What about he commissioning process - where does this originate , who does the commissioning - the chicken and egg syndrome

A feeling that knowing your market and how to get them tom come is critical to success- taking risk on any space and then making sure that you get the word out. get people to see the work and that generates its own buzz? Do funded organisation had a responsibility to support and nurture new work - how do they balance the creative with the commercial

Audience development is critical to success - statement that drama did not draw an audience to a particular venue - is this the quality of the work or is the lack of audience development for audiences for this work - how does this start? is is about putting on quality work, taking the audience on the journey and then taking risks - if not how will new work ever get the platforms in theatres?

Is theatre about building - new technology provides new ways of getting work out there - new work v new writing (re Alex Chisholm comment). How important is the building - not a temple,e but for for theatre today

risk in commissioning , presenting in large spaces should this inhibit the ability to present new work. Is this a regional issue or individual city responsibility to provide those platforms for the creative living there especially if they have spaces that could provide those resources?


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