How can we encourage local practitioners to work together?

Verity Bartesch, 22 June 2012

We discussed how important forging collaborations between practitioners is and the benefits:

- shared resources
- shared skills
- working together to create performance
- joint funding bids
- understanding that organisations aren't in competition - ensuring work is not on on the same nights

It was also mentioned that working together between organisations that aren't necessarily the same art form could be beneficial as it would enable organisations to have insight into other ways of working as well as broaden their skills

It was asked whether a formal banner was needed in order to forge a collective group to work effectively together

- could be done via social media rather than physical meetings
- an informal hub where creative people can spend time will encourage collaboration and networking
- however, bigger institutions should take it upon themselves to become the external structure and give a sense of leadership needed to bring creatives together

- but, the sense of informal pub meetings could be equally as effective

Need ACTIONS as well as talking

- Possibly hold a DOING open space rather than a talking one - JOINED UP THINKING!

HOWEVER - all of this relies on a mass of creative people that want to collaborate, does Leicester have this?

Negatives mentioned were time consuming and a lot of effort to bring people together.

We then moved on to talk about Leicester more generally, about the lack of graduate retention and the pathways needed for people between leaving higher education and becoming able to sustain themselves and pay for space etc


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