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Improbable teamed up with The Albany, Maketank Exeter and Leeds Playhouse to produce a series of hybrid ‘on the ground’ and ‘in the cloud’ events that gave participants space to discuss how we can continue to work together towards anti- racist care in our theatre sector.

This event was the first of the series of events and was hosted by The Albany as part of their Festival of Radical Care, curated by Angela Clerkin (Albany Artist of Change and Improbable Associate Artist).

Following an invitation by Vicki Amedume (Associate Director at The Albany) and Pauline Mayers (writer, theatremaker and choreographer based in Yorkshire) on Sunday 17 November 2021, Improbable facilitated an Open Space session for a group of participants who joined both online and in person. Eight sessions were called by the particpants that were attended both online and in person.

This report is made up of the notes taken by the participants during each session. The words have not been edited in any way.

Full list is sessions

  • What is anti-racist care how does it relate to the theatre sector?

  • We demand that BIPOC comprise the majority of leadership positions and the majority of middle management, including production department heads and

    company managers, across your organisation

  • How do we report or log anti-racist behaviour? And, how best to disseminate

    learning outcomes from dealing with said behaviour?

  • How do we report racist behaviour - recognising all the power structures that

    continue to prevent people from feeling safe to speak up?

  • What good practice around anti-racist care can we share from our learning so


  • What does a devising process with care built-in look like?

  • Am I an Anti Racist Stage Manager? Sector wide work book

  • What do we do about supporting those affected by discrimination?

Click here to read / download this D&D Satellite report.pdf